Ethics Resources

Get support for understanding and upholding the highest ethical standards in fundraising.

AFP Minnesota’s core purpose is to advance ethical and effective fundraising. We do this by promoting consistent and high standards to ensure donor trust and guard against abuses that can occur in the fundraising process.

 The Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice (known as the “Code”) provides concrete guidelines designed for both individual fundraising professionals and for philanthropic organizations. All AFP Minnesota members must sign and live by the Code.

 The enforcement process managed by the AFP Ethics Committee.

 The Donor Bill of Rights outlines what donors have the right to expect from charitable organizations to which they contribute. AFP Minnesota is proud to have been instrumental in creating and maintaining this important resource.

Take the Ethics Assessment Inventory

All members of AFP-Minnesota comply with the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, but does that mean we are all ethically equal?

The AFP Ethics Assessment Inventory™ (EAI) is a benefit of AFP membership. It is for members in an online format for voluntary use.

This online survey tool offers the opportunity to self-evaluate and strengthen one’s ethical performance and practices along six domains: Accountable, Adherent/Observant, Courageous, Integrity, Transparent, and Trustworthy. It helps fundraisers adhere to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, as well as industry best practices.

The EAI is based on research conducted by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota and on input from nearly 2,000 AFP members.

Results are anonymous. The tool is designed to help each fundraiser develop ethical leadership and decision-making skills. Consider taking the assessment today!

Take the Assessment